About Small Cots

Supplying Small Cots since 1969

We have been supplying small cots, also known as space saver cots throughout Australia for over 40 years. We are fully Australian owned and we deliver cots Australia wide as well as internationally.

Why use a small space saver cot ?

A smaller cot takes up less space and as the small cot can use smaller fitted and flat sheets it makes the washing loads lighter, quicker and easier to dry. Children can keep using a small cot until they are ready to start using a standard bed. There is no need for a large full size cot.

•  A small cot floorspace is about 110cm long and 69cm wide, depending on the model.

•  A standard full size cot floorspace is about 138cm long and 79cm wide depending on the model.

Comparing the above measurements will show the space saved.

Small space saver cots for Childcare Centres.

Using a small cot means childcare centres are able to fit more cots into a room or sleep area. Each small cot takes up less floor space thus giving carers more room to move around and between each small cot. Although the cots are smaller in length and width, the height of the sides and every other dimension is safety compliant with the Australian Cot Standard 2172. Small cots are a very efficient choice when  multiple cots are used.

Small cots for Hotels and Motels

Hotel and motel rooms are often designed with space at a premium. Small cots are the perfect choice for these rooms. Smaller cots are also easier to move from room to room and take up less storage space when not in use. Small cots are easier to relocate within the room for the guest’s maximum convenience.

Small cots for family daycare

Caring for children in a family daycare environment requires plenty of space for movement and play. A small cot, or a number of small cots, take up less floorspace in the family home. They can be easily wheeled from room to room as required through the day.

Small cots for hospitals

Small cots are used where the parent is the hospital patient and the baby is in the room with the parent. Small cots are not used where the baby is the patient as the cot may not be applicable for the baby’s condition.

Small cots for home units and small living areas

Because a small cot takes up less floor space, it is able to fit into more positions in the room. As the small cot – space saver cot can use smaller fitted and flat sheets the sheets are easier to wash and dry.

Why use a small cot

A small cot takes up less space. They are easier to move around the home or childcare centre allowing more space for other furniture. Small cots can use smaller fitted and flat sheets making the washing loads lighter and quicker and easier to dry. Small space saver cots are used until the child moves into a single bed.