Corona Small Cot

Small Norton Cot

Corona Small Cot

Corona Cot Item No. 715


The top of the mattress is 82cm above floor level. A standard height is about 50cms.

Manufactured to comply with Australian Cot Standard AS/ANZ 2172

Suitable for all ages using a cot. 4 wheels for easy moving. Brakes on wheels. Fits through standard doorways. Dropside may face any position in the room. Teething rails run along the top of both sides. The top of the mattress is 82cm above floor level making it easier to lift a baby out of the cot with a minimum of bending over. Strong wooden design, neat & attractive. Easy to maintain & wipe clean. Over 50cm. safety height from the top of the mattress to the top rail. Slatted side & end bars less than 85mm apart in compliance with the Australian Cot Safety Standard.  Compliance mattress size. Non toxic paint. Floorspace required 112cm (43”) long & 69 cm (27”) wide. Ideal where floor space limited. May be assembled or packed away for storage within 5 minutes by removing the base &  sides. Quick and easy to assemble or  take apart.

Price $349.00

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Small Norton Cot

ITEM 715 CORONA COT – clear lacquered natural timber or white

PRICE $349.00

Mattress for Small Cots

ITEM 688 CORONA WATERPROOF COT MATTRESS – A firm supportive mattress that is fully covered all over with a commercial quality wipe over vinyl cover. This mattress is most suitable for childcare centres and family daycare. Australian Standards compliance size.

PRICE  $69.95

Mattress for Small Cots

ITEM 720 CORONA AIR FLOW COT MATTRESS – A special polyester fibre air flow mattress that is firmly supportive and comfortable while providing excellent air circulation and ventilation. It is non combustible and mould, mildew, bacteria and dust mite resistant. It also has a removable hand washable cotton zip off cover. Australian Standards compliance size.

PRICE  $69.95


ITEM 142 FITTED SHEET – A quality 80% cotton 20% polyester fitted sheet for the Corona cot mattress. Long wearing. White.

PRICE  $16.95


ITEM 260 FLAT SHEET – A quality 80% cotton 20% polyester flat sheet for the Corona cot mattress. Long wearing. White.

PRICE  $18.95


ITEM 320 FITTED SHEET WITH TOP SHEET ATTACHED – A quality  80% cotton 20% polyester fitted sheet and attached flat sheet for the Corona  cot mattress. Long wearing. White.

PRICE  $28.95