About Us

Our history with Smaller Cots

We have been supplying smaller cots and childcare equipment throughout Australia for over 40 years since 1969. We are fully Australian owned and deliver both within and outside Australia. We supply quality, durable products and maintain a specialised range of babygoods for use within the childcare industry, the hotel/motel industry and for home use

Space Saving
Hotels and Motels

Smaller cots are  practical in a commercial environment where spaces need to be defined and used efficiently especially in hotels, motels and childcare centres. Smaller cots are easier to move and easier to store.

Easy to use
Childcare Centres and Family Daycare

Smaller cots facilitate being able to fit more cots into a room or a certain area. By using smaller cots each cot takes up less floor area giving carers more room to move around between the cots. Smaller cots are more easily moved from room to room when used in family daycare.

The simple choice
Home & Apartments

Family homes and apartments can benefit as well from smaller cots. They fit beautifully into a small room and can sometimes make a room appear bigger, just by having more space around the cot.